For those of us who are health-conscious, knowing what food to eat or reading the labels of the products we buy is a no-brainer. However, unlike the food industry, the textile industry does not come with such labels. The fact is that most of us buy clothes without ever knowing what process they go through before they end up at our favorite store.

We impatiently wait for the next collection to come out without ever
thinking about the kind of harm our next piece of clothing could cause
our world.

Should we take a quick look at a few points related to what we wear?
What kind of chemicals go into our clothes?
Unfortunately, the textile industry is chemically-rich. Although some of
them have certain benefits, excessive use can pose a risk to
people’s health.

For example, clothes containing azo dyes in high percentages could potentially harm your skin. Research has shown that there is a very close relation between azo dyes and cancers. This is why several countries have some of these dyes banned. Examples of other chemicals you can find are metals, bleaching agents, electrolytes, and sulfuric acid.

With these post we hope to educate you on talking points not many get into. With this you are able to become a bit more aware of the fashion industry and the outcomes it can have on the world.