What's Going On?

COVID19 has been the great disrupter of many industries, we are told and are seriously learning social distancing and at the same time sharing kindness. 


Our medical facilities are on the bubble and all medical personnel are stretched so thin but go on to care for their patients, our children are in virtual classrooms being taught by teachers who had to learn the new system quickly, airport personnel are working diligently because people keep traveling, company executives are extending help to its employees, sports stars and actors are donating money to the less fortunate, small businesses and neighbors are helping neighbors - these are the HEROS of combatting this invisible enemy.


Who you’re going to vote for? What political party you are aligned with? Who has the most  money? fake news etc. won’t help right now. 


I could be writing about fashion and tell you to buy this Gucci bag, trust me, we do need your support because rent, bills and a plethora of other items will be due soon. But we’re all in the same boat and need to share our feelings and without getting to close, we must take care of one another. 

Call or email that associate just to see how they’re doing and to let them vent or have them let you vent, cook an extra cake for  your neighbor, do you have extra masks or disinfectant wipes? Drop them off at the hospital, allow your children to see and know how you care about your community they are watching us right now and yes they are our future.


To all of you remember that this too shall pass and what we do afterwards will be what really matters how we still maintain our hygiene, how we treat people, what we do to our environment and how it affects everyone of us and our well-being is what it will be about. 


This is affecting the world,  it’s just not affecting a little part of the world where we read about and turn the page and unfortunately do not think about it because it doesn’t affect us. 


What will we do when will this be over? What will be the greatest impact of it? Only time will tell. May your God, my God and all the powers of this universe get into alignment and shower us with the greatest good fortune that they can right now and pardon us for not taking care of our planet and of one another. Because we are now and the time is now for caring, kindness, understanding, sharing, being proactive and crap making sure this is all behind us sooner than later.