Denim & Jeans


At WearLuv we have Frame, Lucky, Joe's, MissMe, True Religion, The Row, Levis, Hudson jeans &  many others in a variety of sizes.




Denim is one kind of fabric which can be made from 100% cotton twill or stretch twill. Denim is a woven fabric which contains warp yarn that is blue cotton and a filling yarn that is white cotton helping to create heavy twill that has diagonal running parallel lines. Denim fabric is used in all over the world for making jeans, jackets, shirts, bags, purses, and many other accessories for men and women of all ages.




Some estimates suggest that producing one pair of jeans requires more than 2,500 gallons of water, nearly a pound of chemicals and vast amounts of 


Denim, especially blue jeans, is the biggest single textile product type sold around the world. This is because of its popularity in all geographic regions, social strata and age groups. The production chain is optimized for bulk production and with the capacity to meet this global demand. This means that the overall environmental impact of denim or blue jeans manufacture is significant.



Jeans is one type of garment, which is  used by people of all ages, introduced by Levi Strauss as a copper riveted cotton trouser in the second half of the 19th century, Today  jeans have achieved popularity due to its wearing comfort ability. Jeans are a type of garment which can be used by any aged person at any situation. Many wardrobes are full with different pairs of jeans for any occasion. Blue is the color of jeans that provides unique identity of jeans, though now a day, different colored jeans also produced.