The Purse


Gucci found itself in a quandary during World War II. Traditional handbag supplies were scarce, so the company turned to, among other things, bamboo for its accessories finishes.  


Early Europeans used handbags just as we do today—to store personal belongings needed for the day. Clothing had no pockets until the 17th century, so men also carried handbags for things like coins, arms, and relics. Definitions of the term "It Bag" vary a bit, for us at WearLuv we have that bag that you covet, that bag that you must have that bag you LOVE.


Coco Chanel created the first version of her now-iconic shoulder bag in the 1920s, but it was during her postwar comeback that she altered the details of the bag to make the design we know today. As Chanel fanatics know, the "2.55" moniker is a shorthand for the date the current design was made: February, 1955.