Shoes,  do not discriminate by shape or size. Anyone can look sexy in a pair of stilettos. Therefore, shoes are the go-to accessories. We wear shoes, and therefore they are more personal than a handbag or headband. Yet, they are not dependent on our age, shape or size. 

shoes are a necessity. Sure, a new blouse, or a pair of jeans is nice, but we all need shoes on our feet. Boots are necessary for wet or cold weather. Heels are a staple for special events and occasions. Practical flats and sneakers are important for working out or performing strenuous tasks.

There you go, that’s already four pairs of shoes right there. Now you get into the argument of color and style, and it becomes reasonable to have over ten pairs of shoes in the closet. At least.

In fact, the average woman admits to owning at least 10 pairs of shoes, and one in every 12 women claims to have over 100 pairs. At WearLuv we will consign the shoes you no longer want in the closet and want to share with that woman who wants to fill up her closet.