You & The Style You Choose

There is always at least one point that motivates us to do what we do.

You say you decide to go shopping without putting much thought into it, but maybe the good weather puts you in a great mood to spend some money. You like to buy polo shirts because they are comfortable and familiar. A friend prefers jeans because they are cheap. Another friend owns many outfits in blue because it is his favorite color, but he will never buy a blue shirt from Uniqlo. There are many reasons to wear different items or wear the same clothes differently—all of which define our style and personality.
We grow up with certain styles because they look good on us in the price range we can afford. As we get comfortable with those styles throughout the years, we stick to them whenever we go shopping, consciously or not. If you have always been a high-end shopper, that's fine. If you have always had to shop on a budget, that's fine too. People of all stripes know that finances can be tight, especially during these months.

Money is no longer the most deciding factor, which means that whatever style you are comfortable with will be accepted socially. What a good change it is, as we are now free to choose our clothes and accessories. Shopping is an experience that should be easy, fun, and comfortable!
Businesses are competitive, and they have to serve what the customers need to stay in the competition. What consumers need right now is a wide range of choices. We are looking for dresses in various stylistic details, bracelets in different price levels, or even one same shirt in multiple unusual colors. All must still have the underlining characteristic of being durable to stand the test of time. Our choices may fluctuate depending on our needs and wants, but the options must always stay available. Finding a store with such wide selections becomes easy as it is the trend we started to dictate.
To make the competition even more interesting, consignment stores play a bit differently. They give us a portion of the sale when we bring in our used items or when shopping we save money on our must have items. This method keeps the produced clothes in circulation, so creating new ones is no longer the big end goal. Are you familiar with this trend that has gained popularity over the years? People call this style sustainable, green, or environmentally friendly. Whichever name you choose, it makes sense from a practical viewpoint.
Speaking of which, WearLuv Consignment promotes the idea of sustainability. WearLuv operates on this scale because this is what the consumers want now. They want to know that, even at a very reasonable price, they are still getting quality items that are fashionable and sustainable. We hear you, and we are responding in kind. This is not about us, dear customer. This is about you! and you always WEARING LUV