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Sustainable Fashion Trends – Who’s Buying In?

More people than ever are concerned with climate change and are interested in lessening their impact on the environment. They are becoming interested in knowing how their garments are made and supporting sustainable fashion manufacturing.   Many clothing brands across the board have taken notice of this new attitude. Mainstream brands are going all-in, with eco specialty brands, it is promising to see sellers like Columbia and X embracing the more sustainable methods.    It is phenomenal to see so many environmentally conscious fashion brands popping up today. We notice more groups are putting the extra effort to create their clothes with easily grown, sustainable crops and are manufacturing their garments with low carbon emissions. Still, the best way to...

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You & The Style You Choose

There is always at least one point that motivates us to do what we do. You say you decide to go shopping without putting much thought into it, but maybe the good weather puts you in a great mood to spend some money. You like to buy polo shirts because they are comfortable and familiar. A friend prefers jeans because they are cheap. Another friend owns many outfits in blue because it is his favorite color, but he will never buy a blue shirt from Uniqlo. There are many reasons to wear different items or wear the same clothes differently—all of which define our style and personality.   We grow up with certain styles because they look good on us...

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Why shop at a clothing consignment store?

It was love at first sight! That vintage Cartier evening bag made ofdelicate silk was so exquisite. We live in a world of fast fashion where the hottest looks today willbe outdated and unwanted in a mere season or two. It is an endless cycle

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