Why shop at a clothing consignment store? RSS

Why shop at a clothing consignment store?

It was love at first sight! That vintage Cartier evening bag made ofdelicate silk was so exquisite. We live in a world of fast fashion where the hottest looks today willbe outdated and unwanted in a mere season or two. It is an endless cycle

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For those of us who are health-conscious, knowing what food to eat or reading the labels of the products we buy is a no-brainer. However,unlike the food industry, the textile industry does not come with suchlabels. The fact is that most of us buy clothes without ever knowingwhat process they go through before they end up at our favorite store.We impatiently wait for the next collection to come out without everthinking about the kind of harm our next piece of clothing could causeour world. Should we take a quick look at a few points related to what we wear?What kind of chemicals go into our clothes? Unfortunately, the textile industry is chemically-rich. Although some ofthem have certain benefits, excessive use...

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What's Going On?

COVID19 has been the great disrupter of many industries, we are told and are seriously learning social distancing and at the same time sharing kindness.    Our medical facilities are on the bubble and all medical personnel are stretched so thin but go on to care for their patients, our children are in virtual classrooms being taught by teachers who had to learn the new system quickly, airport personnel are working diligently because people keep traveling, company executives are extending help to its employees, sports stars and actors are donating money to the less fortunate, small businesses and neighbors are helping neighbors - these are the HEROS of combatting this invisible enemy.   Who you’re going to vote for? What...

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