Sustainable Fashion Trends – Who’s Buying In?

More people than ever are concerned with climate change and are interested in lessening their impact on the environment. They are becoming interested in knowing how their garments are made and supporting sustainable fashion manufacturing.


Many clothing brands across the board have taken notice of this new attitude. Mainstream brands are going all-in, with eco specialty brands, it is promising to see sellers like Columbia and X embracing the more sustainable methods. 


It is phenomenal to see so many environmentally conscious fashion brands popping up today. We notice more groups are putting the extra effort to create their clothes with easily grown, sustainable crops and are manufacturing their garments with low carbon emissions. Still, the best way to keep fashion sustainable is to use what is already on the market to keep them out of landfills. Plus, using recycled or upcycled clothing still creates even fewer carbon emissions than making the most eco-friendly design from scratch. That explains the trend of purchasing garments through resale sites, searching for multipurpose garments, and upcycling clothes that have already been made. 



It’s becoming more popular to purchase garments secondhand through resale sites, and fashion brands are joining in this new trend. Long gone are the days of picking through Goodwill for decent fashion finds. Today, more brands embrace the resale market, so their goods are available on TheRealReal, Depop, and WearLuv Consignment here in North Palm Beach. We’re talking about high-end, well-made garments and accessories that will never go out of style. 



One trend of sustainable fashion is to design multipurpose clothing, such as the infinity dress that can be worn in a multitude of ways, thus saving the buyer from purchasing a brand-new fork for every special occasion. It is exciting to see sellers like Columbia provides pants that can be zipped off at the bottom to become shorts and long-sleeved shirts that can be buttoned into short sleeves for the summer. Additionally, they have a line of interchangeable jackets with removable layers depending on the wearer’s needs. Creating clothing that works for many seasons is one fashion trend that supports sustainability. 



A recent hot topic in sustainability is upcycled clothing, which has made it onto the runway and caught the eye of many consumers. Imagine taking a garment and turning it into something else entirely or adding new embellishments to give it a new purpose! It can mean anything from turning a large button-up shirt into a dress, turning a pair of faded jeans into some cool shorts, or tailoring a nice jacket to fit a younger sibling. Upcycling is an avenue that allows the wearer to creatively stretch their budget while giving old garments their second life. 


Millennials, in particular, are concerned about their environmental footprint, but they still want to look good and enjoy life. So, they are more than willing to welcome the idea that we can embrace fashion trends in an environmentally responsible way. We can look great, feel great, and protect the earth for the next generation!