Why shop at a clothing consignment store?

It was love at first sight! That vintage Cartier evening bag made of
delicate silk was so exquisite. I only entered the consignment shop to kill time before my appointment, but I just had to get that bag. That little detour sparked my love affair with consignment shopping. Here is why you should embark on your own love affair with clothing consignment shopping:

Ethical Consumption
We live in a world of fast fashion where the hottest looks today will
be outdated and unwanted in a mere season or two. It is an endless cycle
that damages the environment and creates a lot of unnecessary waste.
One possibly ethical way to take part in all that consumption is to shop at a clothing consignment store. Buying goods from a consignment shop means that there are fewer garments, shoes, bags, and accessories in the landfill and fewer harmful chemicals are put in the air. Since buying
second-hand items lowers the demand for new products, we indirectly
help to keep the environment safe and healthy.

Test Out Trends Without a Big Investment
Are you tired of blowing your clothing budget on trends that have a
looming expiration date ahead? Consider shopping at a consignment
store where you will save big bucks on current fast fashion trends. Go ahead
and buy that oversized coat that was inspired by fall fashion week! Buying
second-hand garments is a great way to try some new styles without
making a huge investment or commitment to a certain kind.

Get Better Quality for Your Money

Much of our clothing today is manufactured quickly and with the
cheapest materials. Those pieces can be fine if they are trendy and only meant
for a season or two, but consignment shop will help you get more bang
for your buck if you're looking for something that will last longer. If
you do not know what to look for, remember that natural fibers like wool,
leather, and cotton tend to hold up better over the years. Shopping at
the consignment store is such a good idea when you are looking for
classic staples to add to your wardrobe.

The Thrill of the Hunt
Shopping at a consignment store is a bit like going on a treasure
hunt. Department stores are full of racks in a few styles in a few colors
from the same handful of brands. None of it is very daring, inspiring, or
unique. On the other hand, while you'll notice some classy blacks and
traditional cuts at the consignment shop, you may also run across some
one-of-a-kind stuff, such as vintage pieces that are no longer made or
easily sourced. One extra point for standing out!

But No Returns or Exchanges

Despite the hidden treasures and great prices, remember that you are
buying the products as they are. Take the time to ask any questions
you have and inspect the fabrication, stitching, and fastenings before
pulling the trigger. Also, many consignment stores today carry
high-end fashion brands like Fendi, Burberry, Givenchy, and Christian Dior.
Protect yourself by shopping at consignment stores that authenticate
the designer goods they sell. That way you will know you're getting the real
thing, not a cheap knockoff.

Next time you are looking for a hot, new outfit, give consignment
shopping a try and prepare to fall in love. I bet you will look amazing! & will always Wear it with Luv.